New music discovered! Here is what I found about them:

Arkarna is fronted by Lead Vocalist and Programmer Ollie Jacobs. The band are back in the studio recording their long awaited new album with Lead / Rhythm Guitarist Matt Hart and guess what? its almost finished!!! Arkarna have a sound of their own, seemlessly combining Dance music together with elements of Rock and Pop music intertwined with the unmistakable cutting edge tone of Jacobs vocal. Although Arkarna are based in London the group have had worldwide success and have played to hundreds of thousands all over America, South America, Canada, South East Asia, Australia and Europe. Their debut album Fresh Meat sold over 400,000 copies in Indonesia alone and the band cannot wait to fly there first to mark the launch of the new album and tour!

Some of Arkarnas most popular songs to date are House On Fire and Eat Me, both of which appeared on Fresh Meat. House On Fire is also well known as it appeared on the Batman & Robin soundtrack, Friends, and the O.C. Another song from Fresh Meat, So Little Time, was to feature as the theme song for the similarly titled television series starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Arkarna – Rehab


Arkarna – Eat Me Official

Arkarna – Dead on Arrival

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