Christopher Nolan, Thank you was starting to fear that 2010 would never see a good movie coming. But then Christopher Nolan came and with Inception rescued us all. 

2010 was a strange year for movies, having ups and downs, more downs than ups. In January I truly thought it would be a great year; we had The Book of Eli, Youth in Revolt, Legion, Extraordinary Measures, Lovely Bones and most importantly the final season of Lost.

February would probably be remember as the year with the movie with all imaginable cast, Valentines Day. By the end of it, we were saved by Cops Out, at least we laughed a bit.
March was Alice in Wonderland, definitely a success and an amazing performance by Johnny Depp. We thought we wouldn’t see any of the Twilight cast until Eclipse, but Remember Me, made us Remember Twilight movies are not done. Kristen Stewart made us Runaway, literally, in The Runaways, I truly hope another biopic will be done of the amazing band, they need justice.

Date Night saw the best comedy couple in action, Steve Carell and Tina Fey did a good job, it was like seeing 30 Rock and The Office together. The Back-Up Plan was supposed to be Jennifer’s Lopez come back, and since I believe she is a good actress, I think she could do better. Much better.
May was all Iron Man 2. Despite Robin Hood, which I liked, Iron Man definitely won in May. We also saw Prince of Persia, but since I’m the sister of a video game addict, I can tell that it would have been better to make it more like the game, than just a commercial project.

Toy Story 3 was a blast. Thank you really for making June a good movie month. And yes, it was also the release of Twilight Eclipse, which opens a new discussions: Twilighters (or whatever you call yourself) Twilight is overrated. First, the story is nothing exceptional; a human falling in love with a vampire, nothing really original here. The cast is ugly, sorry Jacob and Edward fans, but they could have chosen much handsome male characters. Take The Vampire Diaries, Damon is hot. Edward is not. Same goes with Jacob.
And then July came, with Inception, that would make all other movies disappear and make the year really start from there. Original plot, amazing cast all of them, and an unpredictable ending. I don’t care what other movie came in July, only Inception was released to me.

Despite Eat Pray Love, August saw The Expendables a classic American Action movie. In September Never Let Me Go and Easy A made us emotional and laugh respectively. In October we knew the semi true story of Facebook in The Social Network. The movie was OK; Jesse Eisenberg proved to be a good actor with a long career to come. We also saw the final installment of Saw, that was in 3D, this years fashion in movies.

Now we are in November and in the upcoming movies there is nothing that seems worth it. November doesn’t look like a good month for movies, yes we have Tangled, that seems to be OK and King’s Speech. But considering December might be a blast, who cares about November? movies are going to be the masterpiece of December; Black Swan and Tron: Legacy. Black Swan has proved from trailers and critics to be a must see movie and Tron, well, if you saw the first Tron you know what I’m talking about.

So until then, I have to sincerely thank Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and even Ellen Page who didn’t remind me of not even once of Juno. And of course a big thank you also goes to Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard and Cillian Murphy as well.

Thank you Inception.

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